Singalong World


Let's listen people singing
around the world!

Singalong World は「世界中のみんなが同じ歌をうたう声」に囲まれる疑似体験ができる iPhone アプリです。


Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014 審査員賞受賞作の製品版です。

Singalong World is an iPhone App provides simulated experience to be surrounded by the "voices of the people around the world sings the same song."

You'll realize the sense that songs connect you to the world people and the splendor of singing songs freely.

This is the production version of the App awarded the jury's award in Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014.

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store

demo video

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store

join singalongs!

Singalong World は、 Soundcloud にアップロードされたみんなの歌声を再生します。

Singalong World で聴こえる歌声の中に自分の歌声を追加するには… Soundcloud に "曲名 (Vocal Cover)" というタイトルで自分の Singalong をアップロードしましょう。

Singalong World plays people's voices uploaded on Soundcloud

If you want join your voice to Singalong World. Upload your singalong to Soundcloud as titled "the Song Title (Vocal Cover)".


Singalong World by Haruka Kataoka.

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